Bababoom ft. Dubyouth

by masiaone

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DubYouth is a duo Electronic from Yogyakarta, Indonesia formed by PoppaTee a.k.a Heruwa of Shaggydog fame and Metz. The duo was formed 10 years ago as a “bed room project” which eventually became successful as an Indie/Electronic icon in Indonesia. Their self titled album was successfully breaking through the number one chart in some Indie radio program in Indonesia with some of the hit single such as “Bomb Da Town”.

DubYouth’s 10 years of existence was making them known as a mash up duo that mix some elements of music such as Jungle, Reggae, Dub, House into their urban vibe. They didn’t afraid to explore the boundary of their music, pushing it to the limit to create something special. The will to explore is what making them to ask Masia One, a Canadian female Rapper to collaborate.

Masia One, born in Singapore as Masia Lim which was then moved to Canada when she was young. She started her own publishing company, The Merdeka Group to release her debut album "Mississauga". In the same year she became the first female Rapper nominated for"Best Rap Video" in Much Music Video Awards, an award by Canadian music TV channel, Much. Masia went on to collaborate with notable artists such as Pharrell Williams, The RZA (Wu Tang Clan) and Talib Kweli as well as Reggae performers Sizzla Kalonji and Mighty Crown.

The collaboration between Masia One and DubYouth is titled “Bababoom”, a dance-to-the-max song that was offering none other than their best skills to date. The single was mixed and mastered by a young talented producer, Ranggha Esha Yoga a.k.a Egha "Wai Wai studio". The artwork is done by Gilang Kusuma, meanwhile Doggy House Records (the records label run by Shaggydog) is responsible for the releasing of the single. The single “Bababoom” will then use as a material for a remix contest The 10 Milli Remix Contest in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of DubYouth.

Download the single “Bababoom” and check out entries to the Bababoom Remix contest here:


Verse 1
Boy I never got the lovin’ I said I needed
So I’m stepping out tonight and kinda heated
Got my hair and nails did, the colour kinda fix up
Bet you wish you never loose me in this mix up
Starlight time, me and my girls are in the club say,
Man dem neva see so phat a chiney boomsie
So you want to sweet talk back into my life
Sorry cause tonight I’m feeling kinda…

Boom boom, ba ba boom…
Bababoom boom
Bababoom boom boom si lay
Bababoom boom Bababoom boom boom si lie
Get your respect back on the game,
Bababoom boom say tek back your life.

Cyant hear no chat, mi nah want you back
Get that sweet talk out my ear lobe
All your things done packed, to the left left
Another heart break track, you nah wan hear tho
Now my money stack, errything all black
New year, new hair, new weirdos
Hit the road young jack, cause the dunnies back
World boss, young hero

All my ladies get good now you a fire
Walk out on him rass if you know ya man a liard
Run your style, yah next, goodas gyal name desire
Ba ba boom, betta work dat ting, then fling it, raise a lighter

Verse 2
Gyal like me is always tuff, mi never easy
So you wanna tek your time to come an please me
Just a bit of loving, hold on when you squeeze me
Bababoom slow wine, mi love you tease me

No man could never own all my love
Back inna club, yes you need my rub-a-dub
Dancing close whispering “Yes, miss ting”
Can I get lucky with your bababoom fling flig Yaow!

What’s this feeling bababoom, it’s hard to say now
That man not putting in no work, so now he played out
Been so quiet creeping, fast asleep, he lay down
Young queen don’t buy it and you’re a riot, life’s a playground
Bababoom is good, bababoom is rude, Bababoom is sexy
Bababoom don’t linger in no stress, no one come vex me
Bababoom is knowing you the baddest chick so flex b
Walk in let them stare - no toyota, you is a Lexi

[Adlib…Feeling ba ba ba boom
Right now all my sexy ladies
Wine your backside to the ground,
You want my baby boom]

Feeling up my million dollar, Easy with it lipstick collar,
Slipping into that red dress, new heels,
Make em’ holler
Baby got that new swag, pop dem tags
Crispy with it,
Demma call this style (girl) “Don’t stop get it get it”

You can’t lock this tho
I’m a six piece shooter, stop and load
Imma drop it low, Aliyah wine on it, rock that boat
The kinda outfit gon’, make grown men cry and fellas moan
Gotta cop that dough, no time with it baby, git git gone.

Bababoom boom
Bababoom boom boom si lay
Bababoom boom Bababoom boom boom si lie
Get your respect back on the game,
Bababoom boom say tek back your life.


released September 7, 2015
Produced by Dubyouth (Heruwa) Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Written and performed by Masia One




masiaone Singapore

Masia One believes in more life, more love and the expression of artistic freedom. She makes music for the dreamers and the lost through Hiphop, Reggae and Pop.

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